Link to LineBet, the link to the official portal

What do you need a mirror for?

Today, the situation with bookmaker companies is not easy. Companies are often sooner or later faced with the blocking of the main link of the site. This is due to violation of the law in the Russian Federation.

Many bookmakers use gambling on their resources, but as everyone knows – the organization of gambling and casinos are prohibited in Russia without an appropriate license.

Why doesn’t the bookmaker have a license?

In fact, the bookmaker’s office has a license, but it was issued by another country. Such a license does not apply in Russia, and therefore the site will be blocked sooner or later, if they have not already done so. All players should find a working mirror in advance to avoid problems with accessing the official website of Linebet.

LineBet Mirror

If you get an error when trying to enter the official website of Linebet betting company, then you should use a mirror. The mirror site is no different, all the same design and functionality. The only difference is the link. Moving to the alternative site via a working mirror, you will also be able to register or simply log in to your personal account using your username and password.

Зеркало Linebet

When you go to the alternative site through a mirror, you still have all the features of the bookmaker:

  • Registration;
  • Login to personal cabinet;
  • Sports betting;
  • Setting up a personal cabinet;
  • Replenishment and withdrawal;
  • Participation in promotions and getting bonuses;
  • Viewing live broadcasts of matches;
  • Work with technical support, etc.

Links to the mirror are constantly changing, sometimes even every day. So we provided for this and now you can always open a working mirror through our website, it is at the beginning of this article.

Alternative ways to access a blocked site

Today, only a mirror is the fastest and most reliable way to guarantee access to the desired site. But sometimes it happens that the mirror does not work or it is just difficult to find. Here come to the aid of alternative ways of accessing the site.

Other options on how to get to the official site:

  1. VPN programs. This is special software that is installed on your computer or laptop as a separate software. With its help in one click you can change the IP-address and location to the country where the bookmaker’s office is always available for entry.
  2. Browser extension. Analogous to VPN, also free to download from the store and installed in the browser extension. It allows you to connect to another server with the ability to substitute the location of the player.
  3. Anonymizer. An online service (site) where you can insert a link to a blocked resource and easily access it.

These alternatives are just as popular. However, they all have two big disadvantages: slow speed and performing unnecessary actions that take up free time.

Reliability of mirrors

Players who already have experience working with bookmakers understand the whole situation perfectly, but newcomers may find it strange. All these incomprehensible links with incomprehensible names make you think about switching. In fact, there is nothing wrong here, a mirror is an exact copy of the official site. The mirrors themselves are distributed by the administrators of the company. You just need to watch that when you go through a mirror site is not different from the original. Use the picture below to compare the sites.

Дизайн официального сайта

Where to look for a working mirror of Linebet?

Nowadays, finding a working link to the mirror can be a bit difficult. Many resources do not have time to update the links on their sites in time due to constant blocking. Therefore, players have to constantly look for new links through search engines. With us, you can forget about finding a working mirror of Linebet, we constantly update and provide only the actual link. Just save our website in your browser bookmarks and use it to access the bookmaker’s portal.

How often does the Line Bet link change

Roskomnadzor employees constantly monitor the appearance of new mirrors and, in accordance with Russian law, block them. Usually after blocking a mirror continues to work for 24 hours. This amount of time is given to the site owner to disable the banned link, but during this time they manage to create a new mirror. So, the links to the mirror change almost daily, we are constantly monitoring the links and publish them on our website.